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Coffee Shop Web Design Concept

A concept design for the Rising Star Coffee Roasters website (original website here), my favorite coffee shops in Cleveland. This was just an independent exercise to sharpen my visual design skills.

I first started with the client's original brown and logo, then expanded their color palette to include neutral grays and a bright yellow. I also chose a new typeface (Modesto Condensed) that better complemented their logo design. I put this all together in a style tile first.

After refining the style tile, I produced a small and large screen version of the home page that reflected the design elements, with a simplified primary navigation and more efficient display of content, such as the store listings.

Note: These projects are done without client involvement purely for my own design practice. All photos and logo assets are property of the original company.

Actual client projects would include an extensive business and user experience analysis to better understand the client and user goals for the website first.