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Digital Communications for College of Communication and Information

In 2016, I designed and developed several digital themes for the College of Communication and Information.

Email Templates

I designed and developed custom HTML/CSS email templates for use in the university's digital marketing platform, Luminate. Working with the college's communications and marketing department, I developed these templates based on specifications and feedback from each school.

These templates utilized Kent State University's new branding elements, providing a flexible system that each school uses to communicate with constituents. Templates were tested for compatibility in multiple email clients.

Digital Kiosk Templates

I developed a custom theme for use on digital kiosks displayed in the lobbies for the College of Communication and Information and School of Information. These highly visible kiosks provide utilize Kent State's branding for displaying Twitter feeds, news updates and marketing information for the college.

By integrating a standard embedded webpage into the displays, we're able to easily update the new and statistics section using HTML and CSS.

The templates are built within the Visix digital display system.