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Kent State College of Communication & Information UX Rearchitecture

The College of Communication and Information at Kent State University provides degree programs through 5 individual schools in the areas of digital technology, media, communication, information and design. Throughout 2017-18, I took the initiative to improve the overall College of Communication & Information website to enhance the quality of the content delivered, the experience of navigating to that content and the tracking of key conversion points throughout the user's journey.


After numerous redesigns and content management system conversions, the college website:

Proposed Solution

In a presentation to key leadership members, I outlined a plan for a research-based solution, including:


Throughout the next 2 semesters, I led the implementation of these improving (working with a few students on my team). I created a Scrum board (using Trello) that listed the key goals/deliverables and tackled a few of them each week.

Some of the items we addressed included:


While there's still more to do, I am well on track to complete the initial project within the projected timeframe. Initial results from usability testing and analytics indicate: