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Responsive Web Design Course

I designed the Responsive Web Design course for Kent State University’s College of Communication and Information in Summer 2015. The course debuted in the Fall ‘15 semester and was offered again for Spring ‘16. The course has been offered multiple times since then, and has been added as an official course to the university curriculum.

The course was designed to meet the student hunger for more practical, design-focused web courses in the college that were less purely technical (as others in other Colleges were). The course also approaches web design from a mobile-first and content-first perspective, ensuring that designs are scaleable to and usable on any device.

As course designer and instructor, I led the:

Students had great feedback from the course, with some calling it “practical” and “one of the best courses they’ve taken at Kent State.” I plan to write a blog post discussing the positive (and negative) experiences with the new web design course.