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Steve Dahl Podcast Membership Website

The Challenge

Steve Dahl is a broadcasting legend who hosts a daily, subscription-based podcast aimed at his loyal listeners.

Steve's third-party podcast membership platform wasn't meeting the growing requests from users (such as listening in their podcast app of choice), didn't integrate directly into his own website and was not positioned for adding new membership features in the future.

I was tasked with transitioning the members to a new platform that would allow greater customization and flexibility via Steve's own website. We needed to identify a new podcast host that made the publishing process easy, a membership platform that would handle payments and subscriptions and a solution for integrating everything into a seamless signup and listening experience.

The Solution

I worked on a plan that called for transitioning to a new podcast host (Megaphone) and a new membership platform (Memberful) that would work together to provide the great user experience listeners demanded.

As part of the transition, Steve's WordPress-powered website ( was reconfigured to tie into Memberful directly, allowing users to sign up, sign in and subscribe to the podcast in their player of choice seamlessly. A step-by-step video was also produced and embedded on the website, guiding users through the signup process and a new Membership page discussed the top benefits and path to membership. Interactux also set up the website to automatically import new podcast episodes as they were released, allowing listeners to listen directly on the website and discover new episodes online.

The Results

In just the first day, a large number of eager subscribers quickly signed up for the new platform. Over the the next month, nearly all legacy system subscribers (and many new as well) were signed up. Many members commented about the ease of the transition and their appreciation for the new features. For those who did have trouble, Interactux worked with Steve, Megaphone and Memberful to help resolve issues along the way.

With the new podcast platform successfully underway and greater control over the member experience, I am now working with Steve to expand the membership platform with even more features to enhance the membership value for subscribers.