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UX Design and Prototyping for Federally-Funded Organization

As part of my UX consulting work (as a contractor for another agency), I created a number of UX deliverables and interactive prototypes for The Council of State Governments Justice Center. This federally-funded organization provides practical, nonpartisan, research-driven strategies and tools to increase public safety and strengthen communities.

The Problem

I was presented with specifications for two new digital tools (a website and web application) in support of the center's mission, one that already existed but was in need of a redesign and another that did not yet exist, but would enhance the organizational workflow.

I was specifically tasked with defining the user experience for these products. I chose to approach this through a new information architecture, low-fidelity wireframes and an interactive prototype (using Adobe XD and Sketch). My deliverables would be provided to the designers and developers who would in turn guide the final implementation of the products.

My Solution

I created a series of UX deliverables, getting feedback along the way to ensure I was building the right solution that would work for both the client, end-user personas and developers on the project. I asked questions along the way that help the team come to a consensus on functionality early in the process. Finally, I helped provide detailed documentation and content for the deliverables so they could be correctly interpreted by stakeholders and developers later in the process.

Since these project budgets did not account for primary user research, I utilized competitive analysis, personas and process flow techniques to help understand the ways various audiences would interact with these products.

You can see some examples from my work in this project's gallery. My solutions are purposefully low-fidelity enough to depict the product workflow and layout, without defining too much the visual design and leaving enough room for change when necessary. Additionally, I used the interactive features in Adobe XD and Sketch to make the wireframes interactive, demonstrating how the product might actually function.

Both solutions are now being used by my client to build out the final product solutions, and it's my hope that the amount of detail, research and thought have helped define the project scope, feature-set and user flows so that the final implementation is smooth and efficient.